Peter Taylor worked with Sony Canada for many years, in a variety of training situations. He took time to become an integral part of the organization, by understanding the employees, the goals of the company and most important the culture in which we work.

For 5 years Peter delivered, in addition to other courses, our management development program (The MASTERS Program). This was originally co-developed between Peter and Sony, but was enhanced by Peter over the years, through outside research and applying this research to the needs of Sony and through analysis of the organization.

This program was unique in that not only did it deliver management theory, it delved into the operation and culture of the company. Only a person with an acute knowledge of the company would have had the ability to do this. Peter did this with excellent results and great accolades from our employees at all levels of management.

I would highly recommend Peter as a training and development resource for your organization, based on what he has done for us at Sony Canada.

Susan L. Bean
Vice President
Human Resources
Sony of Canada Ltd.

Just wanted to take the time to thank you for facilitating an excellent management retreat for us.

The outcomes were all I expected and more. The team building that took place and the focus on performance and on process improvement, all contributed to an excellent growth exercise for our management staff.

I look forward to working with you in the future.

John Wiersma, P. Eng.
President & CEO
Veridian Corporation

When we first established our Company Committee concept, we knew a talented coordinator with credibility was key to ensuring an effective committee.

With your guidance and numerous energetic employees, we have successfully empowered two locations that have produced many recommendations which have been implemented, resulting in a better company for the employees and owners.

We look forward to many more years of success in a win-win environment.

Paul Higgins Jr.
Co-Chief Executive Officer
Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee Inc.

Peter Taylor is a much-valued contributor and friend to the Canadian Management Centre. Since 1987, he has touched the lives of thousands of students across Canada with his passionate, knowledgeable and effective teaching and his innovative design of customized on-site courses. Peter successfully brings a value-based, broad perspective to his interaction with managers and trainees.

Bruce Peer
President and Managing Director
Canadian Management Centre

We have had a long-standing relationship with Peter Taylor and continue to be pleased with his ability to provide rich learning experiences for our employee team. Especially, his knowledge and understanding in the area of Emotional Intelligence allows him to not only transfer the knowledge, but provide participants with “aha” learning moments that cause them to develop the commitment they need to apply the learning to benefit both them and our company. We continually receive very high marks and very positive comments from past participants of Peter’s classes.

Rodney L. Winkle
Director of Organizational Development & Education
Cooper Tire

Dear Members of the Canadian Society for Training and Development (CSTD):

As you honour Peter, Leigh, Mary Lou and Allison, I wanted to extend to all of you, individually and collectively, the warmest congratulations for the remarkable success of The Bridge to Africa. It isn’t often that an idea, somewhat frail in concept and ill-defined, and thrown out in the course of a speech, gets picked up, shaped, focused and implemented. But that’s what CSTD did. And in the successful implementation, you made a real and lasting difference to the lives of so many people in Africa.

Kenya has been struggling with the AIDS virus. It’s made nominal progress, but the country has been shredded of a great deal of talent and leadership in the process. You’ve given people skills and confidence and hope. There’s no doubt in my mind, as I read Peter’s blog that you’ve also made friends for life.

I don’t want to unduly gild the lily. I just want all of you to know that the resolve of CSTD, dating back to 2005, nurtured through the years and brought to completion in 2009 is so admirable that I talk about it on many a platform. You’re obviously a lovely, principled group of people. You’re also obviously a group of people who care deeply about showing solidarity with the human family in the developing world.

My warmest felicitations,

Stephen Lewis CC

Stephen Lewis Foundation

October 2009

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