Previous Projects

We have had opportunities to work on many interesting projects. Here is a sample:

  • Facilitating groups of employees as they review the results of their corporate survey and decide what they will do to improve their workplace
  • Coaching senior executives as they strive to employ emotional intelligence in their professional and personal lives
  • Spearheading a leadership development program to support a major cultural shift to incorporate emotional intelligence in a highly technical environment
  • Working with diverse international groups of subject matter experts as they begin to develop facilitation skills and transition from a lecture approach to training to using Adult Learning Principles
  • Working through a translator to provide leadership skills to a group of senior Chinese government officials
  • Providing highly technical professionals with the skills necessary to package their knowledge and make powerful presentations to clients
  • Designing and conducting a 360? feedback program for executives of a large international firm
  • Providing group coaching for individuals committed to incorporating emotional intelligence in their workplace
  • Facilitating senior management retreats and planning sessions
  • Designing a customized time mastery program to help people with heavy workloads better juggle their priorities and manage their life balance
  • Leading an initiative to assist staff to increase their ability to innovate and to think more creatively
  • Leading a project to fine tune the human resources department in a large international manufacturing and marketing firm
  • Working with a mid-sized manufacturing firm to improve the communications skills of supervisory and front line personnel
  • Leading a customer service initiative for a European telecommunications firm
  • Chairing joint management-staff committees designed to improve working relationships and move their organizations forward as highly tuned teams
  • Developing a strategy and a support program to assist the staff of an organization undergoing significant changes
  • Assisting a board of trustees as they endeavour to work better as a unit to further the interests of their institution
  • Facilitating the establishment of a customer advisory council for a large international high technology firm
  • Working with a management negotiating team to prepare for bargaining sessions with their union
  • Designing and leading team building sessions for clients in the private and public sectors
  • Leading a creative problem solving workshop for a client’s Russian sales force
  • Developing time mastery programs for store managers in various retail businesses
  • Conducting Canada-wide interviews with senior managers dealing with the pressures and stresses of a takeover and merger
  • Conducting workshops with First Nations Bands.
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