Consulting Services

We provide customized consulting services in the following areas. We recognize that each situation is different so we work diligently with you to structure the intervention for the maximum impact.

Consulting services include:

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Executive Coaching

We design this one-on-one coaching service to address the unique needs of an individual who is determined to refine his/her approach to working with others. In addition to offering general executive coaching, we have done extensive coaching in the area of developing emotional intelligence.

Here are some examples of coaching:

Executive Retreats

We organize and facilitate executive retreats for groups from as few as six people to twenty.

We work with you to determine the desired outcomes. We will then arrange whatever support may be needed for the retreat to be a success.

During the retreat, we can facilitate the discussions and, if requested, provide content related suggestions from our experiences with other organizations.

Meeting Facilitation

We provide facilitation services to assist organizations to conduct successful and productive meetings. These meetings range from staff meetings to professional development events to intense discussions of operational issues.

In each situation, we meet with you to determine your precise needs.


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